Saturday, May 21, 2011



Brazilian Blowouts are a girls new best friend! After getting this done, you will have straight, frizz free hair for up to 12 weeks! You can let your hair air dry, or if you want to blow dry it, there is no need for a round brush or flat iron, and it cuts your drying time in half! On my client in these photos, I did not use a round brush or flat iron, only a blow dryer and my fingers! Usually this service can run up to $500.00, I am only charging $175 so everyone can afford to have the Brazialian Blowout this summer!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Free haircut with a color service or 25% off a haircut for all new clients! Take advantage of this! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

See For Yourself

Here are some examples of some hair I've done. Some are before and after photos and some are just the afters. There's nothing I don't do! If you want extensions, a brazilian blowout, color done, or just a hair cut please contact me! I'd be happy to set up an appointment with you.

I love how thick and blunt Courtney's bangs are! She has so much hair, so we usually thin it out a lot so she has more movement.
We are working on growing out Whittney's hair, so I just trimmed her length and added some short layers for volume.
Jessica has gorgeous hair! I color her hair a medium dark brown/red and it looks great on her! Love her side swept bangs!
For Carla's hair, I do a base color to all over lighten her hair and I also do highlights and lowlights to add some dimension.
Colby likes her hair dark brown, and it looks great on her! I use Alfa Parf color which is super healthy for your hair and really shiny! We also cut about 5 inches off her length!

Here's a before and after, as you can see she had really long hair and was ready for a change! we cut about 6 inches off and gave her some long layers.

Tylee has super cute hair! I gave her an A-line bob with longer layers. I love doing kids hair!

I love how long Natalie's hair is! She was way over due for a good haircut, so we just trimmed her length and added some short layers, which makes it so much easier to get volume. I used a technique with the round brush and blowdryer to give her these gorgeous loose curls.

Lexi loves her hair bright blonde and long! Her hair is naturally a medium brown, so it takes some work to get this blonde, but it so worth it! One of my favorite things to do is to take someone with dark hair blonde!